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healthy living

much needed. much craved. much loved.



Got 5 Minutes? Try this Yoga Routine! 


haven’t been in, in like, forever!

so sorrrrrry, I’ve been too busy at work, and hanging out at my bf’s office most nights.
Will make it a point to blog more, starting now!!

Tonight, I came to a huge finding; D has made me depend on him too often on one thing.
I had too much to eat for dinner tonight, and I was majorly full. Usually, D would help me finish my food… But he’s flown off to a conference in another continent. :(
D’s not around to help me finish my food!!! :’(

Anyway, I’m feeling sick every night after I get out of the toilet. Like I have a seriously bad cold.

Mom’s in hospital for her biopsy and really high glucose levels. I hope she’ll be fine.

i’ll be back soon. promise.

it’s weeks like this one that make me think suicidal thoughts.
1) colleagues insults my job, bypasses me, then curry flavours me, insults me again and never apologises.
2) another colleague takes her shit out on me because she got told to be quiet when filming is going on, scolds me for 45mins over shit i didn’t do.
3) ex thinks it’s funny to annoy the shit out of me after he spends a whole night out with two other women i don’t even know.
4) Beautehub spa manager thinks she’s so fucking almightier-than-thou when i’m 13mins late, called earlier to inform i’ll be late and their sms says ‘therapy room will be reserved for up to 15mins’ fuck you bitch. i don’t owe you a fucking living. you’re a waste of my time and money.
5) none of the posb atms were available until i had to go back all the way to plaza sing. did u know orchard central doesn’t have a single frigging atm around?! and 313 only has ONE?! and the one at somerset station was shut off?!?!?

FML. as if my day couldn’t get any worse, my mom thinks i’m a nuisance. Twice, this week. i’ve been called that. i might as well die now. srsly. :-( very unhappy.


separation anxiety attacks

am currently suffering a bad bout of separation anxiety. can’t wait for work to end just so i can go home and hide in my bed to better deal with it.
i was right, i’m feeling scared of all of this. :-( can’t really deal with this well at all.

when did this ever start?! i’d never been this way before…. shyte.


Underwater Bedroom

would love to sleep in a bedroom like this; indulgence 101


Underwater Bedroom

would love to sleep in a bedroom like this; indulgence 101